Reference projects

Tian Shui (Chine) - June 2009


1 carbonisation unit / 12 furnaces
Broad-leaved tree, conifer

Lot et Garonne (France) - October 1999


1 carbonisation unit / 12 furnaces
Pine, chestnut tree, oak

Valbois company
Ain (France) - May 1993

Valbois company

1 carbonisation unit / 10 furnaces
Oak, beech, pine

CML carbonisation unit


Utilization of an CML plant allows the production of charcoal of a consistent quality whilst respecting the environment. Thanks to its antipollution system, environmental constraints are transformed into opportunities, because the heat produced is used either for wood-drying or for producing electricity.

  • Charcoal quality
    Quality is consistent and conforms to the national standard AFNOR NF B55 101.
  • Respects European environmental standards
    • Conforms to Article 27 of French Governmental decree of 20th February 1998
    • Efficient treatment of emissions by incineration of fumes, pyrolignous materials, and tars
    • Elimination of obnoxious fumes and visual pollution
  • Excellent working conditions
    Handling operations are mechanized, observation and control of the process is simplified.
  • Installations can be customized
    Incinerator can service between 4 and 12 kilns. For very large installations, it is possible to install multiple units of 12 kilns.
  • Low maintenance costs
    Maintenance activity is minimized thanks to a solid construction and the simplicity of operation.
  • Low capital costs
  • Computer Controlled Production
    This system, developed by the C.I.R.A.D., allows continuous monitoring of the carbonisation process, and full control of the production.
  • Energy recovery
    Recovery of heat energy for wood-drying or electricity generation.

LRCB Développement : Consulting, engineering, supply and commissioning of carbonisation units